Rao Law Group
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How We Practice

Core Principles

We focus on finding efficient and creative solutions to client problems.  These are our core principles: 

Purpose-driven practice.  Everything we do is purposefully directed towards adding value for our clients.  We are ruthless in cutting out extraneous work.

Lean and agile.  Lean and agile workflow is not just for technology companies.  We leverage technology to better serve client needs across industries, and maintain flexibility and responsiveness in our practice.

Clarity, consistency, and creativity.  We achieve clarity of vision by understanding the client’s objectives at the outset.  We emphasize consistency of process to ensure quality of work and predictable results. We analyze and risk-weight client options so that creativity coexists with conservatively managing our clients’ legal risk exposure.

Small Firm, Big Results.  Applying these principles, we generate big results.




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